Are you about to take the leap into Private Practice?

We cover all the essentials so you can avoid the common set-backs and start with confidence.

Already in Private Practice and want to thrive?

We show how to be profitable in the profession you love AND have a life/work balance.


Build the successful Private Practice you know is within you.

So many counsellors, therapists and healing professionals feel they can take the leap into private practice based on their professional experience and qualifications, and then find they flounder, burnout or just lose sight of their original dream.  

A successful private practice takes extra skills, ideas and ways of doing things that aren’t covered in our original therapeutic training. Whether you are still contemplating taking the leap, have recently started out, or are an experienced private practitioner who finally wants a business that flourishes, we are ready to help you build the Private Practice you always wanted. 

We all get stuck sometimes, or find ourselves uncertain of the next step. 

Regardless of whether you are starting out on your Private Practice career, or are already a Practice Owner wanting to take it to the next step and ensure sustainability, we can help.

You've Been Working for Others and are Now Ready to Start on Your Own

Don’t make the mistake of assuming clients will come to you based on your reputation. We help you transition into the world of private practice, so you can leverage your reputation and connections for a successful start. 

You're Already in Private Practice but Struggling to Attract Clients or Build Your Business

You know you are good at what you do, you’ve tried all sorts of marketing, and yet the clients still aren’t coming through the door.  Despite the advertising of some quick fix private practice programs, there is no one-size-fits-all to bring in the clients you want to see.  Our approach is tailored to you, your market and how to tackle the roadblocks specific to your circumstances.

You're Unsure of Your Future in a Changing World

Covid 19 was a major "plot twist", that will continue to impact our world, our communities, our families AND our private practices. Should you do Telehealth and Online or Face to Face? Or a Hybrid model? Planning for your future in a changing world is still possible.  We can help you be nimble so you can stay viable!

Curious how we can help?   Get in touch!

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