Private Practice Coach & Mentor


If you are new to The Counsellors Academy - Welcome! 

My passion is helping therapists

build their successful private practice.  

I’ve built my own thriving, six-figure private practice, and now have that dream combination of working in a role I LOVE and find rewarding, whilst having time for myself, my family and my community.

But it wasn’t always an easy journey.  Private practice can be daunting, risky and overwhelming when you are going it alone.   I had plenty of clients and felt competent in my role, yet never seemed to have time when I wasn't working.  Running a practice in partnership with others can have serious downfalls too: we subcontracted over a dozen practitioners and 'looked' a success, yet behind the scenes was a different matter.

I made some big mistakes before I learned how to run a successful practice and I’m determined others don’t need to make the same blunders.   I can help you take the leap into private practice, and then help you grow your business, so you can flourish doing the work you love. 

Join me in The Counsellors Academy, and we can explore where you are in your private practice journey, and how I can help you flourish. 


The Counsellors Academy

“Angie’s do-able business plan helped me grow and diversify my practice. She helped me invest in myself, and even my clients have noticed the difference. My referrers certainly have, and we are now their preferred provider for patients in grief”


The Counsellors Academy

“Angie helped me see my practice in a new light. I’m already seeing more clients, and getting more inquiries from the kind of clients I want to see. I feel brighter, more confident and have a clear vision for where I’m going.”

Occupational Therapist

The Counsellors Academy

“I wish I’d worked with Angie when I first started out. I wasted so much time and money on marketing that didn’t work. Now my brand is refined, I know my niche and who my ideal client is. I’ve gone from breaking even to making money – and I’ve fallen back in love with my practice!”


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